Tone up in 10 minutes

Tone up in 10 minutes


You’ve said it. We’ve said it. Heck, every woman in possession of both a packed diary and a gym pass has said it: ‘There’s just not enough time to exercise!’ But what if we told you that enough time could be a mere 10 minutes, and not even every day? Well, that’s exactly what renowned US fitness coach and exercise psychologist Sean Foy is telling you. ‘It’s possible to cover all the essential elements of a successful get-fit programme in a simple 10-minute circuit,’ he says. And he should know: his 10-minute Total Body Breakthrough is the workout on everyone’s lips across the Atlantic. Promising to change your body with short, sharp training sessions every other day and a low-GI eating plan, Sean’s regime will shock your bodyinto shifting fat and building muscle. Better results in less time? Where do we sign…

How it works

Not only are Sean’s quick-blast workouts time efficient, but they can boost results way more than steady-state workouts by covering anaerobic, aerobic, resistance and core work. The result is one serious boost for the metabolism. The workouts can initially be done using no equipment other than a resistance band, though as you progress you may want to incorporate weights into the resistance component. In fact, all you need to get going is 10 spare minutes every other day.




How to do it

The 10-minute sessions are split into what Sean calls ‘4-3-2-1 intervals’, referring to the number of minutes in each component. Ideally though, you would try to include a two- or three-minute warm-up, like a fast walk or air boxing, and perhaps some joint mobility work to reduce the risk of injury. Sean says: ‘4-3-2-1 training packs every type of beneficial exercise into one 10-minute session. When done together, all these exercises provide you with a power-packed workout that maximises your metabolism and fitness.’

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