How to Get Motivated to Work and Be More Productive

How to Get Motivated to Work and Be More Productive

Working without any drive or motivation won’t offer precise results. Several researchers have stated different theories and ways to stay motivated at work. Most of the time, motivation offers positive feedback. Thus, you start to put in more effort into successive tasks at work. If you want to know how to get motivated to work, then go through this article. Additionally, this article also includes several genuine steps required to stay motivated at the workplace. As a result, you can avoid procrastination and focus more on segmenting a big task into smaller sections.

What Is Motivation?What Is Motivation

To begin with, the motivation process helps you to attain set goals in a pre-defined time. Further, motivation is the key that influences you to take that initial step towards a goal. Additionally, this process also includes cognitive, biological, social, and emotional forces. As per the recent research people have direct influence over respective motivational levels. In the past, psychologists have given several theories of motivation viz. intrinsic, drive theory, etc. For instance, most of these theories include observable behaviors. That said observable behavior helps to understand why people did a particular thing in the first place.

Types of Motivation for Gain to Work Hard

All in all, there are two types of motivation described by psychologists viz. intrinsic and extrinsic. As the name suggests, intrinsic motivation is based on self-gratification. Contrary to this, the outer world has more influence on extrinsic motivation.

  • Intrinsic motivation

Internal rewards for example helping a colleague or self-improvement play a key role in this motivation. On the other hand, intrinsic motivation also contains negative drivers. For instance, you might feel unsatisfied if not learning new things. Few motivations that come under this category are learning, creativity, learning, etc. Contrary to extrinsic, intrinsic motivation takes a relatively long time to foster.

  • Extrinsic motivation

Reward, money, and praise hold great influence in extrinsic motivation for Getting motivated to work. As compared to intrinsic, extrinsic motivation has a greater influence on the people. Some of the most common extrinsic motivations are incentive, power, fear, etc.

How to Get Motivated to Work: 7 Ways Explained

In today’s cut-throat competitive world, it is necessary to stay motivated while undertaking a professional task. People who are demotivated at work suffer from many losses. In most of the cases, they even lose a job. Been said getting motivated to work is not as easy as it seems. For this, you need to be strategically and mentally prepared in advance. Besides, several other factors play a major role. You also get influenced by the intrinsic as well as extrinsic factors. Most of the psychologists have offered different steps to stay motivated at work. If you want to know how to stay motivated at work then go through the ways mentioned below.

 1. Seek your daily tasks easy to get by

Indeed it is considered as the key to performing well at work. That said always consider the daily work as an initial step towards the big goal. Hence you will get confidence in completing even a difficult task without much hassle. Contrarily, looking at a task as a cumbersome work will cause a hindrance in completion.

 2. Segment your goal

Always try to segment the big work project into smaller segments for day to day basis. You will get an upper hand in goal management by focusing on the intricacies of big projects.  Thus, you will be able to complete daily tasks easily. Moreover, there is a possibility that you will be able to finish the chore with commendable precision. This will increase your confidence and a will to put in more effort at work.

 3. Read regularly

As per research, reading increases cognitive skills, knowledge, and enhance vocabulary. You can read fiction, non-fiction, books, and articles related to work, etc. People who read daily are more productive at work than those who don’t. It would be helpful to read for at least 20 minutes daily.

 4. Stop focusing on irrelevant things

All in all, you should cut short things and tasks that are demotivating from the to-do list. This is so because demoralizing things consume mental energy. As a result, you will feel lethargic and lack any motivation to do the daily chore. In the long run, it will affect your professional performance. You have a choice to stop any project in between if it doesn’t have a productive outcome.

 5. Take time for yourself

Proper relaxation has a direct correlation with productivity. Therefore, you should take half an hour break during office hours. In case you are a proud owner of a business then set working hours beforehand. For example, you should avoid any meetings after 07:00 P.M or take off on Sundays. This way you will be able to get revitalized and be more productive at work.

 6. Stop procrastination

Procrastination is a big setback in progress. Most of the successful businessmen know how to fix this issue. You need to follow the schedule set for the specific task and try to finish it in time. Hence, you will be able to complete even major goals within the pre-defined time. Besides, procrastination will only pile the project. As a result, you won’t be able to finish it either in time or with perfection.

 7. Enjoy your success

Finally, you should reward yourself for achieving a targeted goal. As per psychologists, it is an essential factor for motivation to work out. After all, extrinsic motivation is based on a similar theory. Try to reward yourself irrespective of the size of the accomplished goal. That said you can buy a new dress, go on a small trip, etc. These treats will help you stay motivated for future goals.

Motivation Process

First things first, both external and internal factors play a prime role in a motivation model. However, motivation caused by internal factors is considered more potent and immediate. Various intrinsic factors play a major role in the onset of motivation viz. needs, emotions, etc. On the other hand, several external factors, directly and indirectly, influence motivation. Environment, social interaction, and pressure play a major role to motivate or demotivate an individual.

That said your cognition, psychological, and physiological needs drive to pursue an aim. Thus, you feel more energetic and responsible to achieve a set of goals. Your action behavior starts with co-effort of internal action and antecedent conditions. Finally, the positive outcome has great influence over the motivation process. This is so because you will reinforce the similar behavior in the future to get even better results. On the other hand, you should always try to overcome procrastination.

Final Thought on How to Get Motivated to Work

To summarize, motivation is one of the most essential aspects of human life. This is so because this aspect helps to achieve perfection in professional and personal life. There are two main types of motivations viz. intrinsic and extrinsic. Besides, you might want to know how to increase motivation to go to work. For starters, several psychologists have proposed different theories and motivation models. Process theories of motivation tell more about internal as well as external factors. Both of these factors increase cognitive, psychological as well as physiological needs. Thereupon, you will be able to attain a pre-determined goal easily.