Full Spectrum and Broad Spectrum CBD: Which Works Better for You?

Full Spectrum and Broad Spectrum CBD: Which Works Better for You?

If you’ve been using CBD or cannabidiol products for quite some time, you possibly have come across terms like Full Spectrum and Broad Spectrum CBD. However, what exactly is the difference between Full Spectrum and Broad Spectrum CBD? Knowing the distinction between these two will help you understand CBD products better. If you are interested in knowing more about this, then continue reading below.

Overview of CBD Full Spectrum and Broad Spectrum CBD

Like all things that come with gradual results and effects, these cannabinoids also come in a spectrum. The range and concentration of CBD in a product indicate whether it is full or broad, but let us further explain. You see, when CBD is extracted using a CO2 system, it is also rid of other compounds. This is a way to purify the solution. However, the ratios of the remaining compound will still vary. With that, companies develop their own refinement manner to create a product for their target market. For this reason, some products are made for recreation or relief, like CBD oil for pain, for example. Through this process, and with these objectives in mind, Full Spectrums, Broad Spectrums, and CBD isolates are considered main labels in the market.

Important Facts About Different Spectrums of CBDCBD

Many compounds are derived from Cannabis, with CBD being one of them, and THC as another popular compound. Others include flavonoids, terpenes, and some essential fatty acids that work in harmony, creating an entourage effect, modulating the plant’s psychoactive effects. CBD has been studied to have many benefits, but having a singular formulation may work for one but not the other. In some cases, people may have sensitivities to the compounds of a rather commonplace product, like CBD oil for anxiety relief. This will require them to opt for a purer and more refined type of cannabinoid solution in CBD isolates. Now that we know that products under these labels exist in a spectrum, let’s figure out their placement in the lineup.

  • Full Spectrum

Simply put, this is extracted CBD that comes with all the other important compounds. This formulation still includes THC, so the user can still experience sedative and psychoactive results upon consumption.

Then again, a CBD in the full spectrum is more organic and unrefined, as it offers the benefits of the entourage effect while retaining its natural odor and flavor. Although this is more recommended for consumption in areas where Cannabis is considered legal, it is generally used by individuals whose potent CBD solutions cannot alleviate conditions and discomforts.

  • Broad Spectrum

On the other hand, the broad-spectrum still offers the entourage effect like the full spectrum, but not as strong since the THC is fully extracted from the formulation. This means that there are no risks of psychoactive effects and any legal repercussions due to THC content.

It retains its natural odor and flavor, but since it is in the middle of the spectrum, less research and studies are conducted on the formulation. Then again, it remains a safer and more effective option for individuals that have existing THC sensitivities.

  • Isolate

Last but maybe with the least number of compounds are the CBD isolates. These formulations are known as the polar opposite of full-spectrum CBD. This is because it is CBD in its purest and most refined form. With that, users can expect zero THC content, and therefore, no psychoactive effects.

This formulation is also odorless and tasteless, so it can be ingested on its own or mixed with other ingredients to produce other products. This is generally the best option for those who take CBD in high doses but are still required to undergo regular drug testing.

Taking Full Spectrum CBD Products

Consumers of full-spectrum CBD products usually are those who have had considerable experience with Cannabis. This means that they are familiar with the effects of THC and the strong alleviating effects of CBD.


  • Users can experience a full entourage effect.
  • The effects of the solution can alleviate more severe conditions than that of more potent CBD solutions.
  • This is a more natural formulation that has undergone less chemical and extraction processes.


  • You can have a problem with the law in some states regarding the THC content.
  • It may cause psychoactive effects that may be too much or undesirable to the user.
  • This may be detrimental to users with THC sensitivities.

Taking Broad Spectrum CBD Products

Broad-spectrum is basically full spectrum formulations with THC removed from the final product. This solution undergoes more critical refining and extraction processes. It is a common choice for individuals with less or no experience in using cannabinoid products.


  • This formulation is recommended for states with laws against cannabis use.
  • Consumption of this comes with no risks of psychoactive effects.
  • This is usually offered to those with THC sensitivities.


  • The solution may not be strong enough to alleviate severe cases.
  • Consumption may still lead to the entourage effect, but only to a certain degree.

About the Entourage Effect: Full Spectrum and Broad Spectrum CBD 

The entourage effect is one of the results that most CBD users look forward to since it showcases the chemical’s full benefit. You can expect the best Full Spectrum CBD oil to offer a stronger entourage effect since it has undergone lesser extraction processes. Since broad-spectrum CBD has had more cannabinoids and compounds removed, this can make for a safer non-psychoactive product. However, this also means that the broad spectrum can only offer a watered-down version of the entourage effect.

Do Both Spectrums contain the Health Benefits of CBD?

Given their difference in potency and refinement, we can say that Full Spectrum CBD has a stronger alleviation capacity than Broad Spectrum CBD. Still, those who don’t have severe conditions can always go for a purer solution to eliminate the risk of psychoactive effects.

What Spectrum to Look Out for While Choosing Different CBD Products

If you’re out and about looking at products with CBD oil for sale, always reassess your condition first before making a choice. Isolates make for great options since they are the safest. However, if you’re making a decision between full-spectrum vs. Broad Spectrum, here’s a good rule of thumb: if THC is legal in your state, you don’t mind the psychoactive effects, and you need something with more potent and faster results, then the full spectrum is for you. If you don’t meet these three criteria, then go for the broad spectrum.


To conclude this, we can encapsulate the discussion about CBD products have varying results due to the extraction processes done. This allows the oils to exist in a spectrum of effectiveness. With that, your choice as a consumer will depend on what your body needs and what your body can tolerate. Your experiences and sensitivities play a large factor in these decisions. Then again, what is important is that your condition is alleviated to have a better quality of life. Whether you can achieve this through a Full Spectrum and Broad Spectrum CBD CBD products, you can discern.