Plus Size Swimsuit: Tips for Choosing the Perfect Swimwear

Plus Size Swimsuit: Tips for Choosing the Perfect Swimwear

Any time you consider buying a plus size swimsuit, you want to make sure that it fits perfectly to your body and has a design that complements your size and body shape. It can be easy to overlook details when quickly browsing through images online so take full advantage of any zoom function to inspect every stitch so you can roughly predict fit. Plus size swimsuits design is thankfully evolving every day. What used to be a problem of picking from a limited selection has now transformed into a new problem of picking the right one from a growing variety. This guide will help you identify styles that are most naturally suited for your body type.


Plus size swimsuits are not cut from (or for) the same mold. In spite of the larger sizing, the specific cut still matters a great deal. Take into account your body shape when selecting your swimsuit. For example, if you have an apple or inverted triangle shape, it means that your chest is comparatively wider than your hips and your waist is close in width to your hips. Swimsuit styles that add dimension to your hips such as a skirt or ruffles on the bottom will help provide more symmetry between your upper and lower body.

In contrast, if you have a pear shape, that means you have a wider lower body than your upper body. Swimsuits that add dimension to your upper body – such as padding, ruffles, additional fabric – will help balance your overall frame. Women with an hourglass shape have a narrow waist and both your upper body and lower body are close in width. This body shape appears naturally proportioned so the golden rule here is that less is more. Show off your natural assets by selecting simple cuts and designs that accentuate what you already have.

If your upper body, waist, and hips are relatively close in width, select swimwear designs that help you define your waist. Designs with belts or a band running around your waist will help create the effect of a waist that is relatively more slender than your upper and lower body.Tips for Choosing the Perfect Swimwear

Comfort and Confidence

Comfort and confidence go hand-in-hand. A swimsuit that fits poorly and is uncomfortable will make you feel more self-conscious and therefore impact your posture. As I’m sure you’ve heard, confidence is beautiful. You need a strong dose of self-confidence to rock any swimsuit, regardless of your size.

Personal Style

Do you gravitate towards timeless looks or do you like to ride along with trends? Do you want to feel sexy or would you prefer a more modest look? The one-piece has made a serious comeback and it’s a favorite for all tastes and preferences. For a modest and classic look, opt for an elegant one-piece in a solid dark color like dark navy or black. If you feel adventurous and you want to show more skin, cutouts are the flavor of the year.

Solid Color vs. Prints

Both varieties have a place in your swimwear collection. Prints add visual interest while solid colors communicate subtle confidence. If you go for a two-piece, you can mix and match solid colors with prints. When worn together, prints draw attention while the solid color recedes. If you want to highlight your upper body, wear the print on top. If you want to highlight your lower body, wear the print on the bottom.

Let the Shopping Begin!

Regardless of your size, anyone can look marvelous in a swimsuit. All you have to do is know your shape and know what effect you’re trying to achieve. These simple hints will help you look your absolute best and make plus size swimsuit shopping a far more enjoyable endeavor. Good luck!