How to Establish the Right CBD Dosage for Dogs

How to Establish the Right CBD Dosage for Dogs

Generally, dogs are the most kept pets by humans. They are usually versatile and ideal for companionship. In some instances, dogs are used as guides or protection services. However, they also fall ill from time to time. While many people rely on vets, some are now turning to alternative medicine. One of the most common types of natural remedies at the moment is CBD. In this article review, we look at the CBD dosage for dogs and their effects.

What is CBD?CBD

Cannabidiol or CBD is a chemical compound that exists naturally in hemp plants. It’s non-psychoactive. This means that it normally doesn’t alter the way the mind function. Therefore, it doesn’t cause a “high” feeling. CBD products that are legally allowed in the market usually contain less than 0.3%. They are highly effective in enhancing the functions of the endocannabinoid system.

Is CBD Safe for Dogs? What do Vets Suggest?

The simple answer to this question is yes. CBD is indeed safe for dogs. However, you need to ensure that the CBD product is isolated or contains less than 0.3% THC content. Besides that, make sure that the CBD is free from toxic contaminants. Even though CBD has a good safety profile, it’s still important to consider what vets think. However, vets have no say in this. It should be noted that vets can’t legally recommend CBD oil for dogs. In case they do so, they would be at risk of legal action being taken against them. That’s why most of them are usually hesitant when it comes to CBD and dogs.

An Updated CBD Dosage for Dogs Calculator

This is an online tool that allows you to find the best dosage for your pet easily. An online calculator can be conveniently accessed from anywhere. The updated calculator normally uses your dog’s weight and the type of product. This way, it provides you with a highly customized result that is specifically suited for your dogs.

CBD Oil Dosage for Dogs

CBD oil products come in different concentrations to suit the different needs of various pets. Here is a chart that gives you an overview of CBD oil’s effectiveness, depending on your pet’s weight. This table features a CBD pet tincture with 150 mg strength for small pets under 20 lbs.

Pet Weight Registered Dose Strong Dose
2 lbs. 0.5 mg = 2 drops 1 mg =3 drops
4 lbs. 1.0 mg = 3 drops 2 mg =6 drops
6 lbs. 1.5 mg = 5 drops 3 mg = 9 drops
8 lbs. 2.0 mg = 6 drops 4 mg = 12 drops
10 lbs. 2.5 mg = 8 drops 5 mg = 15 drops
12 lbs. 3. 0 mg = 9 drops 6 mg = 18 drops
14 lbs. 3.5 mg = 11 drops 7 mg = 21 drops
16 lbs. 4.0 mg =12 drops 8 mg=24 drops
18 lbs. 4.5 mg = 14 drops 9 mg=27 drops
20 lbs. 5.0 mg= 15 drops 10 mg=30 drops

CBD Treats Dosage for Dogs

Finding the best CBD dog treats is one thing, and the administration is another. There are definitely different treats with various levels of strength. Besides that, there are different dogs of various sizes. In the chart below, we use CBD treats with 150 mg strength for dogs under 100 lbs.

PET WEIGHT REG DOSE (0.25 mg X 1 lb bodyweight) STRONG DOSE (0.5 mg X 1 lb bodyweight)
2 lbs 0.5 mg of CBD = 0.1 treats 1 mg of CBD = 0.2 treats
4 lbs 1 mg of CBD = 0.2 treats 2 mg of CBD = 0.4 treats
6 lbs 1.5 mg of CBD = 0.3 treats 3 mg of CBD = 0.6 treats
8 lbs 2 mg of CBD = 0.4 treats 4 mg of CBD = 0.8 treats
10 lbs 2.5 mg of CBD = 0.5 treats 5 mg of CBD = 1 treat
12 lbs 3 mg of CBD = 0.6 treats 6 mg of CBD = 1.2 treats
14 lbs 3.5 mg of CBD = 0.7 treats 7 mg of CBD = 1.4 treats
16 lbs 4 mg of CBD = 0.8 treats 8 mg of CBD = 1.6 treat
18 lbs 4.5 mg of CBD = 0.9 treats 9 mg of CBD = 1.8 treats
20 lbs 5 mg of CBD = 1 treat 10 mg of CBD = 2 treats
22 lbs 5.5 mg of CBD = 1.1 treats 11 mg of CBD = 2.2 treats
24 lbs 6 mg of CBD = 1.2 treats 12 mg of CBD = 2.4 treats
26 lbs 6.5 mg of CBD = 1.3 treats 13 mg of CBD = 2.6 treats
28 lbs 6 mg of CBD = 1.2 treats 12 mg of CBD = 2.4 treats
30 lbs 7.5 mg of CBD = 1.5 treats 15 mg of CBD = 3 treats
40 lbs 10 mg of CBD = 2 treats 20 mg of CBD = 4 treats
50 lbs 12.5 mg of CBD = 2.5 treats 25 mg of CBD = 5 treats
60 lbs 15 mg of CBD = 3 treats 30 mg of CBD = 6 treats
70 lbs 17.5 mg of CBD = 3.5 treats 35 mg of CBD = 7 treats
80 lbs 20 mg of CBD = 4 treats 40 mg of CBD = 8 treats
90 lbs 22.5 mg of CBD = 4.5 treats 45 mg of CBD = 9 treats
100 lbs 25 mg of CBD = 5 treats 50 mg of CBD = 10 treats

Proper Dosage for Maximum CBD effects

CBD and its effectiveness in treating pets absolutely depend on the right dosage. So, if you want your pet to get the maximized effects of CBD fully, then a proper dosage is definitely essential. It should be noted that CBD doesn’t work linearly. For instance, if your dog suffers from anxiety and it’s small in weight, you only need to give it a small dosage. On the other hand, if your dog is suffering from severe pain and heavier, you need to give it more CBD. We can confidently say that sometimes, mild doses are effective for certain ailments than higher doses and vice-versa.

Talking About CBD Effects: What Are They?

CBD products are generally safe. That’s why they usually have beneficial effects on pets such as dogs. So, if you are going to give your dog CBD oil and treats, here are some of the benefits that you can expect:

CBD has Antiemetic Properties

Due to underlying health complications, some dogs may end up suffering from vomiting and nausea. Well, there is certainly strong evidence that shows that CBD has successful anti-emetic properties. This makes it an effective organic compound in stimulating appetite and controlling nausea and vomiting.

Reduces Stress and Anxiety

Dogs are just like human beings, and that’s why they have the endocannabinoid system. So, they also suffer from stress and anxiety. However, CBD for dogs usually has anti-anxiety and anti-depressant properties. This makes them effective for easing the symptoms of phobias and providing a calming effect.

Eases the Symptoms of Epilepsy

Epilepsy is one of the medical conditions that mostly affects dogs. At the moment, there is no cure for this condition. However, CBD can help you manage these symptoms in your dog. The organic chemical compound has the ability to control tremors and seizures. Besides that, it’s highly effective in reducing spasms and tics. Overall, we can describe it as a powerful natural anticonvulsant.

Pain Relief Properties

One of the main properties its ability to ease the pain. Whether it’s joint or muscle pains, this product can help your pet deal with acute or chronic pain. Research studies show that CBD can help dogs manage pain in multiple ways thanks to its painkilling properties.

CBD for Homeostasis

CBD for pets tends to provide wholesome benefits. Generally, CBD is a whole-round organic chemical compound that promotes overall wellness. So, sometimes pet owners usually give it to their pets because they want to treat something specific. They want to promote the overall health and wellbeing of their furry friends.

How to Properly Administer CBD Products to Your Dog

After you purchase CBD treats online, you need to make sure that you properly administer it. The best and simplest way to give CBD oil to your dog is by adding it into their meals. Generally, pure tinctures and tasteless and odorless. So, it’s less likely that your pet will know. It should be noted that there are also flavored tinctures and treats. However, you can always choose a flavor that your pet likes. The downside of oral ingestion is that the CBD effects may take a look to kickstart. In some instances, only a small amount of CBD will find its way into the bloodstream.

For best results, apply the tinctures sublingually. This way, the CBD will easily find its way into the bloodstream directly. Additionally, you will also end up using lesser doses. For a high level of effectiveness, always start low in terms of dosage. This gives you time to monitor and determine the effectiveness of the CBD. From here, you can gradually increase the amount of CBD until you find what works for your dog. Remember that the goal is to attain maximum effects.

The Harmful Effects of Overdosing CBD

Even with its good safety profile, giving your dog, too much CBD can result in an overdose. That’s why you must understand how to calculate CBD dosage for dogs. While CBD for pets such as gummies usually come in pre-dosed format, it might become challenging to determine the tinctures’ dosage. This can result in an overdose that may result in:

  • Vomiting and nausea
  • Diarrhea
  • Inappetence
  • Urinary incontinence

Note: In such a case, make sure that you discontinue use and seek your vet’s advice.

The Bottom Line

There are lots of CBD products that you can give your canine friend. However, one thing that remains clear is the importance of CBD dosage for dogs. You need to administer this organic compound depending on the needs and size of your weight. Generally, smaller dogs need small amounts of CBD. On the other hand, big dogs will need more doses. Just make sure that you effectively administer the CBD to avoid unwanted side effects.