Can Shakeology Meal Replacement Shake Win the Contest?

Can Shakeology Meal Replacement Shake Win the Contest?

One of today’s most sought-after products are the weight-loss products because they offer an easier alternative to shedding off that extra weight to alternatives like dieting the hard way [which is basically denying your body food or certain foods] or some serious daily workouts which everyone’s cup of tea are not. This is one major reason why meal replacement shakes have become so popular. Shakeology is one of the most popular meal replacement shakes out there, going by consumer reviews.

What makes meal replacement shakes even more popular? Because they are easy to use, ready to use and filled with flavor. Shakeology has been compared to the 310-meal replacement shake numerous times. However, there are several differences, and why Shakeology comes out the winner in such nutrients content or contest.

The following are the point to consider to show beyond doubt why Shakeology stands out as the winner among all the shakes out there on the market. 

Here is a breakdown of the benefits of Shakeology as a meal replacement product, the consumers’ viewpoint in regards to it, its ingredients and nutritional value, and how it compares to other products. 

Shakeology reviews: 

Shakeology, the whey protein-based meal replacement shake, is known for being a low calorie, low-fat diet, and has been very well-received by consumers, probably one of the reasons being its flavors. Shakeology reviews have been mostly favorable, although some consumers have pointed out that it is rather high priced and wondered if its benefits are worth its price. 

Shakeology ingredients: 

Shakeology shake is a blend of more than fifty different ingredients mixed together for nutritional value, flavor and a general low-calorie diet. 

Shakeology nutrition facts: 

Proteins [17g whey protein isolate], vitamin A, C, D, E, K1, B1, B2, B3, folic acid, B12, biotin, magnesium, zinc, copper, manganese, phosphorus, iodine, fat [1g or 2%] etc. 

Shakeology nutrition: 

In a nut-shell, Shakeology nutrition is based on the following: 

17 grams of protein made up of: 

Regular Shakeology proteins, that is: whey protein isolate, sacha inchi, chia, pea protein, flax, quinoa. Shakeology Vegan protein is made up of: oat protein, rice protein, quinoa, pea protein, chia, flax.

140 calories: 

9 grams of sugar 

Flavors: café latte, vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, greenberry, chocolate vegan. 

Shakeology ingredients list: 

The following combination of ingredients are found in one scoop of Shakeology serving:  

[The super fruit blend] Camu camu powder, blueberry powder, lyceum, maca powder, rose hips, flax meal, schizandra, chia meal, blue-green algae, pea fiber. [Proprietary enzyme blend] barley grass, kamut grass, oat grass, wheat grass, green tea decaffeinated extract, grape seed extract [others] cocoa powder, cinnamon powder, chocolate powder, xantham gum, fructose, natural vanilla. 

Shakeology nutrition label: 

The Shakeology label lists its benefits and all its ingredients. It lists all the fruits and vegetables make-up that creates the superfood formula. Some of the listed items you will find on the label are: Camu camu powder, blueberry powder, lyceum, maca powder, rose hips, flax meal, schisandra, chia meal, blue green algae, pea fiber, barley grass, kamut grass, oat grass, wheat grass, green tea decaffeinated extract, grape seed extract [others] cocoa powder, cinnamon powder, chocolate powder, xantham gum, fructose, natural vanilla. Just to mention a few, wheat grass for instance is derived from wheat plants, while the antioxidant kamut grassis meant to detoxify the body, help check blood sugar levels, help in weight loss and is good for healthy skin among other things. 

Shakeology comparison: 

There are two ways of comparing Shakeology: against different shakeology products and against other meal replacement shakes. 

Other meal replacement products usually compared to Shakeology out there are: 

  • Garden of life raw organic meal 
  • Nature’s bounty optimal solutions protein shake  
  • Orgain organic meal all-in-one nutrition 
  • Visalus Body by vi-shape weight loss diet 
  • EAS myoplex lite protein shake 

Shakeology has also been compared by many people to 310 Shake meal replacement products. A brief comparison, however, can show the similarities and differences. 

Shakeology has more enthusiasts especially among the online community, making it seem like the better or more preferred product, regardless of its higher price in comparison to 310 Shake. 

Shakeology has 140 calories per pack as compared to 310 Shake’s 90 calories. 

Both Shakeology and 310 Shake come in several different flavors [as per Shakeology flavors listed above], but 310 Shake have recently toned down on the sugar element and as a result Shakeology not only wins the flavor contest, but also wins in the nutrients content or nutrients contest, whichever way you look at it!