Best CBD Capsules and Pills in 2020

Best CBD Capsules and Pills in 2020

CBD which is commonly referred to as cannabidiol is among the many compounds located in the cannabis plant. It is the second most famous cannabinoid from THC due to the fact that it has so many health benefits. One thing that we need to make clear is that both marijuana and hemp are basically the same plant (cannabis). All the same, when a plant has very low levels of THC, it is commonly referred to as hemp. On the other hand, plants that have adequate THC levels to the extent that they can be felt when consumed are known as marijuana. This is all that brings the difference between marijuana and hemp despite belonging to the same cannabis family.

CBD is basically part of the health craze that has been on the rise in the world today. There is so much evidence on how the cannabidiol poses so many health benefits from seizure prevention to helping with sleep. In this post, we are going to explore more on CBD pills and capsules together with some of their health benefits. We will also go ahead to list some of the best CBD capsules and pills. Without any further ado, let us start!

What Are CBD Capsules and Pills?

CBD pills and capsules are terms that are used interchangeably and they prove to be the easiest forms of ingesting CBD. The reason for that is that they are pretty easy to consume and they enter the bloodstream much faster than other CBD products’ form. CBD pills are nothing much than CBD oil packaged in the form of a capsule or pill. In most cases, they contain MCT oil which aids in easy passage of the pills through your digestive system. Even though there are CBD isolate in the form of CBD pills, mostly, these pills have full-spectrum CBD oil. This is because it is believed that anyone opting for the pills is looking to have complete meditative effects of CBD oil.

How Does It Works?

As is the case with all other CBD products, the capsules work by basically involving the ECS. This is the system responsible for keeping your body at a balanced state. It comprises of endocannabinoids, enzymes as well as cannabinoid receptors. Whenever anything gets out of balance, such as when you are experiencing chronic pains, the ECS makes use of the receptors to talk with the brain. Whenever you use a CBD capsule or pill, you generally give the ECS some boost in terms of cannabinoids allowing it to be effective in what it does. For instance, in case you are taking CBD capsules for pain, CBD binds to the pain receptors and reduces the physical inflammation or associated pain.

Best CBD Capsules and Pills


This brand is based in Colorado and is among the highest growing brands located in the USA. It uses the CO2 extraction method, this brand will not use any harmful solvents as far as extraction is concerned. If you are looking for the best CBD capsules for pain, this is the brand to try put. The good thing is that they price their products very affordable.HealthWorx CBD Capsules


  • CO2 extraction
  • Organically-grown hemp in Colorado
  • It is a renowned brand


  • Relies heavily on online delivery

Try The CBD

This company offers organic and pesticide-free products using the CO2 extraction method. Their full-spectrum CBD oil has proven to be very effective in so many health issues. Despite having an outstanding hemp quality, their products have been priced very affordably. CBD Pills from this brand can help to treat pain and anxiety. Check customer reviews and recommendations.TryTheCBD capsules


  • Full-spectrum hemp
  • Organically-grown hemp from Colorado
  • The best CBD pills for pain


  • Not available on the store shelves


Just like marijuana, hemp arrives in two strains namely Sativa and Indica. This brand offers broad-spectrum CBD oil that has Indica and Sativa. It will, therefore, be ideal for people looking to benefit from both strains. You will also appreciate that the product is THC-free and vegan-friendly and has a very affordable price.CbdMD Capsules


  • Excellent pricing
  • Hybrid plant extracts
  • Full-spectrum hemp extracts


  • Not too keen on transparency

Royal CBD

This is a relatively new brand but however, produces some of the best CBD capsules in the market. it is basically an American company that is focused on making the highest-quality CBD products. You will appreciate the fact that the use of organically-grown hemp to make their pills and capsules. With this brand, every pill will come with up to 25mg CBD.Royal CBD


  • Organically-grown hemp
  • Extra high potency
  • Full-spectrum CBD oil
  • Does not leave an aftertaste


  • Slightly expensive


This one of the brands that you can get organically-grown CBD products. Other than the pills being made of the best quality, you will appreciate they are easy and very convenient to use. This comes as a package of 30 capsules where each has up to 25mg CBD. Due to the presence of MCT oil, you will appreciate that the pills will be very easy to digest.Purekana Natural


  • High CBD potency
  • Lab-tested to guarantee quality
  • Certified non-GMO and organic
  • Non-psychoactive


  • Slow shipping


The capsules from this brand come in different potencies, bottle sizes as well as extract types. You will also appreciate that this brand offers vegan options compared to the common gelatin capsules. The products are very safe and effective and safe as well. Apart from that, these products have tested by third-party labs for quality.CBDistillery



  • A wide range of potencies
  • Available both online and the retail stores
  • Non-GMO and pesticide-free
  • Budget-friendly


  • Lacks money-back guarantee

Charlotte’s Web

This brand offers 2 potencies for CBD capsules with the lowest being 8mg and the highest being 18mg for every capsule. These are full-spectrum CBD capsules meaning that it will be possible to get the complete health benefits of the hemp plant. The good thing is that this product comes at a very affordable price despite its amazing quality.Charlotte’s Web


  • Full-spectrum extracts
  • 30-day returning policy
  • Low potency for new users


  • Lacks a high potency

Are CBD Capsules Safe?

CBD is basically safe for every user but there is a small group of people that might complain about nausea, dry mouth, and in some instances, low blood pressure. The good thing however is that most of these symptoms are very mild. Capsules basically have the advantage of being a better delivery method for CBD as compared to tinctures. The dosage comes pre-packaged and regulated as well.

Are CBD Capsules Legal?

According to the 2018 farm bill, the answer to this question is yes. All the same, every state might have its own laws as far as CBD pills or any other CBD product is concerned. What determines the legality of any CBD product is the source of hemp as well as the THC content. Generally, CBD must be sourced from organically-grown hemp and by licensed farmers. It should also not contain more than 0.3% THC. Even though CBD capsules and its associated products have been legalized in all the states in the United States, you must make sure to take into account the regulations put in place before making your order.

Where to Buy Best CBD Capsules

There are so many areas where you can purchase the best CBD oil capsules including:

  • Online stores- most CBD producers have their official web stores that customers can get access to quality CBD products at a reasonable price. All the same, you must make sure that you purchase directly from the manufacturer’s site if you decide to go the online way.
  • Cannabis dispensaries – these ones will only be worth going to only when you reside in an area where the use of CBD has been legalized. Such dispensaries are normally regulated by the government.
  • Centers for alternative medicine – these institutions make use of CBD to test its effect on humans. This helps them accumulate knowledge about the interaction of CBD with the human body.


We hope that it comes as a relief to understand that there so many ways to use CBD. Even though CBD oil is the most known product, CBD pills and capsules have caught up really well. Other than giving people a ready-made dosage, these products are very easy to consume making them ideal for people who cannot withstand the taste of the oil. In the above list, we have listed some of the renowned brands providing CBD products all over the US. It will, therefore, be very easy to order your CBD capsules from any of these brands. However, as we mentioned earlier, you must make sure that CBD has been legalized in your state before proceeding to make your order. Apart from that, you will want to consult with your physician to direct you accordingly especially if you are on other medications.