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Playing AK and AKs in poker

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Download Backgammon SoftwareI am new to poker and I am playing in tables like $1 BB nl tables. Could someone tell me what they think about playing AK and AKs. I think the standard play should be to raise around 3-4 BB no matter what position you are or it can correct to go in ep? How do you think I should continue if I am re raised pf?

Like what do I do on the flop if I don’t hit? Say one called and then I would raise 50%-75% of the pot no matter about the flop, with many more people calling isn’t that the most standard play to check if you are in early position and bet 50-75% of the pot if you are in a late position?

Oh I forgot to mention that I am playing in cash games.
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Download Backgammon SoftwareAK is strong, but it does make the hand. You need to try and add position and aggression to it so that you can take down the pot.
You can know to always raise the pre-flop with an AK, no matter what position. A good rule to follow is 3bb=1bb/limper. If there is a raise coming up then you reraise it. You need to pre-flop reraise is 3x the initial raise. Ok say you raise and then you are reraised then you need to just call. You do not want to play a pot which is raised. AK is too strong though of a hand to fold and then pre flop.
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