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Download Backgammon SoftwareOf all the various poker versions played today on the Internet, online holdem poker, or texas holdem poker, occupies a leading place in the gaming popularity stakes. As well as providing all the regular advantages of Internet poker in terms of convenience of access from a location, and at a time that suits you, and the chances to win substantial cash prizes, online holdem poker has distinct features that players find especially attractive.

In online holdem poker you compete with players from all around the world, as opposed to competing against a professional card dealer or against the house. Thus you can find opponents at your own playing level, or, if you wish to enhance your chances, at lower skill levels. In addition, the nature of your opponents allows you to use that classic poker tactic of bluffing, for example placing small bets to encourage the other players think that you have a poor hand when if fact you have an excellent hand.

The online holdem poker game is also quickly learned. Games start with the players placing their wagers before the first cards are dealt out. Following this each player is dealt two pocket cards, the cards being placed face down so their opponents cannot see their hand. Five community cards are put down with three of them face up. In the course of the game the other community cards are revealed and the players try to combine them with their own cards to make a winning hand.
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