What You Need to Know About Weight Loss Shake

What You Need to Know About Weight Loss Shake

Losing weight is a task which requires patience, dedication, motivation and will power. Meal replacement shakes have been proven to produce weight loss but the only challenge here is hunger. Diet shakes have a very low number of calories.

Meal replacement shakes are designed to replace one or two of your daily meals, and are specifically formulated for weight loss and weight maintenance. They are designed to give you a wide range of essential nutrients in a very low calorie meal substitute, and are rich in proteins and low in carbohydrates. A good and well formulated weight loss shakes contain both carbohydrates and protein and between 100 and 400 calories.



Meal replacement shakes have ingredients that specialize in fat burning, metabolism boosting, muscle building, and all around health-lifting. We will lay more emphasis on a very good and popular alternative which has been tested and trusted by many individuals. It is called 310 Nutritional Shake. Before we discuss 310 Nutritional shake, let’s look at a few weight loss shakes and shake ideas available on the internet (one click away with a Google search):


French Toast Protein Shake:

The French toast protein shake recipe boasts 235 calories, 0g fat, 0g sat fat, 12g carbs, 1.2g fiber, 14g sugar, 42g protein. The source of protein for this shake is fat-free cottage cheese and protein powder. The idea of this shake is good, but I won’t recommend three or five packets of the particular protein shake powder since the sweetener is so much sweeter than sugar. I will suggest starting with two packets and slowly adding more if you really think it’s needed.


Coffee Banana Protein Shake:

Yogurt, bananas and coffee all have one thing in common: they are all delicious breakfast go-tos that combine together to create this energy boosting protein shake. The combination of caffeine, natural sugar and protein is ideal after a tough workout. It boasts of 132 calories, 0.9g fat, 0g saturated fat, 25g carbs, 3.2g fiber, 17g sugar, 5.2g protein.


310 Weight Loss Meal Replacement Shake

310 weight loss shake is a meal replacement shake which uses proven ingredients to promote a healthier body and weight. There are so many shakes available in the market today which use inferior substances like soy protein, unidentified chemical ingredients, sugars, and fillers that may have a very nice taste but hurt the results you get.

310 shake’s success can be attributed to the supporting of long term weight loss in its nutritional profile. This product is manufactured in a scientifically-proven way that preserves nutrients and contains ingredients which are highly required by the body.

The new 310 shake which is plant based contains an ideal ratio of proven Tri-Plex proteins pea, brown rice, and hemp, all with an enormous support to aid weight loss. Many other shakes normally pass through a high-heat production process which denatures the proteins, thereby reducing the original nutritional value. The 310 shake boasts of a cold-flow process which preserves the integrity and nutrients of the proteins, thereby boosting your metabolism, suppressing hunger, controlling cravings, enhancing energy and maximizing your weight loss. The formula for 310 shake includes:

  • 15g of pure, highest quality proteins
  • Natural satiety ingredients maximized for weight loss
  • 5g hunger quenching fiber
  • Naturally sweetened


The plant-based Tri-Plex proteins which include;

Pea Protein

This protein activates the hormone in your body which makes you stay full between meals. Some individuals also testified that it helps reduce cravings for sugar. It’s packed with BCAAs, or branched amino acids, which help decrease belly fat.

Brown Rice Protein

Rice protein has been proven to aid fat loss and lower cholesterol. Also, it helps with muscle recovery after strenuous physical activity.

Hemp Protein 

Hemp takes more energy to burn than carbohydrates, which helps to raise metabolism to speed up weight loss. It contains fiber which helps you feel full and also contains omega-3 fatty acids important for overall health.


The 310-nutritional weight loss shake also contains:
  • 1 Billion CFU Probiotics
  • Vitamin/Mineral Blend
  • Greens Blend

In general, most weight loss shakes have a high amount of sugar which makes them taste good, but also increases the individual’s cravings for sugar. That is why it is not recommended to drink those shakes. It has taken great research and scientific testing by scientists at 310 nutrition to come up with the aforementioned formula which has 0g of sugar and yet has a very nice and indulgent taste.

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