They Myth That Weight Loss Shakes Are “Expensive”

They Myth That Weight Loss Shakes Are “Expensive”

Do you know why meal replacement shakes are a great choice for people who wish to lose weight easily? First, it is generally known that if you burn more calories than you consume, you’ll maintain a healthy weight. How does this relate to weight loss shakes? Even though we all know that we have to monitor our calorie intake, we all find it very difficult to keep a record of this. Protein shakes, however, help you to get a fixed amount of calories per meal. Protein shakes are meant to replace one or two meals each day—mainly breakfast and lunch—and this makes them very effective for weight loss.

In spite of the several advantages of using protein shakes such as 310 shake, people still regard them as expensive—but how true is this? While it is impossible to deny that there are indeed some very expensive protein shakes, it still has to be said that not all shakes are really expensive. Moreover, a protein shake doesn’t have to be expensive for it to produce results. Before we proceed to examine whether protein shakes are truly “expensive” there some facts we need to consider.



One report by the National Health Service in the United Kingdom stated that the average male adult needs some 2500 calories a day to maintain a constant weight. The report also stated that the average female would require around 2000 calories a day. On the other hand, the US health authorities recommend 2700 calories for men and 2200 for females. This shows that one would need to consume 800 calories per meal (assuming 3 meals a day). However, this recommendation is for people who wish to maintain their weight not those seeking to lose some weight quickly.

We also wish to point out that going by those recommendations would make you spend an average of $173 a week, according to Gallup poll, on feeding. The poll even showed that people in the higher income bracket would spend about $180 a week. This roughly translates to spending about $24 to $26 a day on food. Yet, no one really thinks consuming the recommended 2500 or so calories a day is expensive. At this point, it is now necessary for us to show how 310 shake, for instance, could help you save a great deal while losing weight at the same time.

One pack of 310 shake costs $68. Two bags are sold for $128. Two such bags are enough to serve you for 28 days, replacing two meals per day with shakes. It`s getting interesting. This means that you are spending $2.43 per meal on each meal that you replace with a shake. As you can see, over the course of the week this would certainly save you money and add up to savings for you. This is also in addition to the weight reduction that you will get from using the 310 shake. What then do we now make of the claims that weight loss shakes are very expensive and not suited for people who run a tight a budget?

There is still one more thing we wish to consider, which is how protein shakes could help you to save more money indirectly. As usual, we shall first consider some findings. One report had it that 25% of Americans eat some kind of fast food on a daily basis, while a similar study showed that Americans spend about 10% of their “disposable” income on fast foods every year. These reports show how much people spend on fast foods that are known to be very high in calories, thereby leading to weight gain. People seem to be screaming that protein shakes such as 310 shake are expensive regardless of the fact that they help people lose weight. In short, it is not difficult to see that using meal replacements will generally lead to much lesser consumption of fast foods, at least, for a certain period. This in itself would result in some considerable savings.

In conclusion, while it is true that there are lots of weight loss shakes that are quite expensive, there are many others that are not, while being very effective at the same time. In spite of the fact that protein shakes, by their very nature, are less expensive (as we have shown) than regular meals, it is really surprising to find people claim they are expensive.

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Weight Loss Shakes Are “Expensive”
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