Great Wolf Lodge TX Review

Great Wolf Lodge TX Review

We decided toward wonder the boys as well as take them toward Great Wolf Lodge in TX for a night away.  We covertly packed the whole thing we would requisite plus snuck it in toward the van.  We told the youths we needed toward run certain errands thus we loaded up as well as took off. While we were around a half hour away they started interrogative whatever our errands were plus where we were going.  We danced round their queries and while we dragged into the car parks lot they were chaotic and astonished simultaneously.  I am so glad we were capable to keep it a furtive!  I will always recall their expressions while they understood a boring day of errands had just twisted into a two day water park venture!

I was thrilled for the two days of receiving away from the daily mundane jobs and getting toward spend it incessant through my family. Though, I was not looking onward to two days of water gardens because public ponds gross me out a slight bit as well as I get motion illness on rides. I was agreeably surprised through Great Wolf Lodge as well as actually relished the water park! My spouse is even thinking of creating it a yearly journey as well as one of my boy’s desires to live there.


-We went in the start of April throughout the week plus the lines were actual short for each ride and the ponds were not congested. I am pretty sure if you go through the summer or else on the weekends it will be packed.

-Actual family oriented.  They have the whole lot you need toward have a great getaway.  No requisite to pack a lot of stuff, they have amply of towels in the pond area and proffer life jackets for the children.  The life jackets are fresh- nothing like the disgusting ones offered at canoe rent places.

-proffers family suites thus our family was capable to get one room in its place of two.


-Very clean, additional than the lavatories in the water green being wet (obviously) everything was fine taken care.

-Full mealtime buffet with sufficiently of the customary breakfast fare in addition to healthy and gluten free choices. There was somewhat for everybody in our family. By no means was gourmet dining however it filling.

-Maximum of the eateries had a good variety of gluten free choices.

-There is a spa for mothers.  I didn’t get toward have any spa conducts but it would have been delightful to have a massage as well as foot massage on our get away.


-Costly if you do not have a Groupon or certain other sort of reduction.

-They proffer all types of extra attractions at a best price.  We all distinguish that arcades are a scam as well as an enormous waste of cash.  You expend $20 bucks plus your child walks away through a mini tootsie roll. Great Wolf Lodge conveys the arcade scam toward a whole new level.  $5 purchases a game card through 16 points on it.  Maximum of the games price 6-8 points each play which means for $5 your kid plays two games.  Yes- two games, perhaps three plus that’s it folks.

-Whereas maximum of the restaurants proffer gluten free choices, the pizza cafeteria didn’t.  At a place that is directed at kids you would meditate they would proffer a gluten free coating.  We thought around trying it however with no gluten free choice we passed.

In a possessions as large and varied as Great Wolf, there are certain to be several flaws, but truthfully, I derived away astonished at how well the entire operation ran. Even at max volume, the pools and slides seldom felt overfull and there were continually plenty of actions for the kids.

There are porticoes, shops as well as even a kids’ spa toward separate you from your cash, however you could easily expend most of your awakening hours in the park. Plus while the eatery food isn’t excessive, it’s astonishingly not high-priced, either.

It’s mainly nice to go through others, so your kid(s) would have playmates, however no matter how you do it, you would come home with pleased, if tired, children.