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Backgammon Masters Applies for Guinness Gamer World Record

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Download Backgammon SoftwareBackgammon Masters online game operator has applied for a Guinness Gamer World Record in farthest backgammon dice toss. The purpose of the event to announce and promote Backgammon Masters Backgammon Freeroll tournaments held every Tuesday and Friday at . The plan is to toss 2 backgammon dice out of a helicopter 200-300 ft. up in the sky onto a 1 acre-sized gigantic backgammon board-shaped field in a HUGE backgammon tournament, and huge here refers to the size of the playing field and dice, checkers and the event itself.

In the tournament, 2 well-known world backgammon champions will play a full match on the huge acre-sized field using a helicopter to toss the dice and a staff to move the checkers communicating with walkie talkies. The size of checkers to be used is 3 feet in diameter. The winner will get to keep the dice which are valued at 1,000 Euro. The backgammon dice are custom made out of a special inflatable material to withstand the impact of the fall.

Backgammon Masters has been advising with famous pilot expeditioner Quentin Smith who has crossed dessert and reached Arctic territories in extreme conditions and is an expert regarding the best locations, regulations and helicopter safety measures for such an event.

In addition, Backgammon Master’s is planning Guinness Book of World Records will be invited to the event where Special event tickets will be sold to the event and all proceeds will go to charity.

BackgammonMasters also offers Poker and 21 Blackjack games in an All-inOne Game Lobby with Live Customer Support.

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