Backgammon Instructions

Backgammon instructions and rules

If you're new to the backgammon game and want to try it out online for free the first thing you must do is read and fully understand the rules of the game. Backgammon instructions are quite straightforward and once you've learned and understood the basic concept of the game you should have no problem playing for free or even for real money stakes. Learning the rules of how to play backgammon is the easy part it's developing a strong strategy that requires practice and skill.

Let's look at the backgammon instructions a little closer: first, this is a game played by two people. Each player has a set of 15 checkers that are positioned on the backgammon board along 24 triangles known as points in a mirror image of each other. The board consists of 4 quadrants that each contain 6 points and the player must move the checkers across these points in clockwise motion until they finally have all their own checkers in the homeboard (the quadrant furthest away from the starting point). Each player rolls the set of dice and the checkers are moved according to the combinations they are able to form with the dice numbers being displayed after the roll.

It's important to note that if there are 2 or more checkers on a point then the point can't be taken or landed on by the opposing player. This is called anchoring, but eventually you will have to move checkers off these secured points. When you only have one checker on a point it is then exposed to being hit by your opponent's checker (this is called a blot). If this happens it is taken off the board and but onto the dividing bar until you are able to roll the right numbers to get it back onto the quadrant furthest away from your homeboard.

Backgammon instructions are fairly simple and there aren't many rules to remember. You move according to the dice roll (also called the pip count) and you can only land on the points that have no checkers, 1 checker or of course your own checkers on them. For advanced players there's also something called the doubling cube which allows the player to challenge the opponent to double the stakes of the game. If the opponent refuses then he or she loses. The doubling cube is usually only used in advanced competitive backgammon being played for real money. if there are no stakes riding on the game it serves no purpose.

The real trick to playing well at the game is not learning the basic backgammon instructions but practicing a lot and learning tips from the pros. You will need to expand your knowledge of useful backgammon strategies and tips in order to make the best decisions based on any number of possible situations through the different stages of the game. Try playing free online backgammon in order to practice and get more familiar with the game before proceeding to real money play.
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