25 Bakery Disasters That Will Make You Feel Better About Your Baking Skills

Was this supposed to be a caricature or did the decorator just get a little too jazzed about wielding the food-dye gun?

5. Disastrous Delivery

R.I.P. all those pretty frosting flowers.

6. Falling Frosting

The awkward moment you coughed up $20 for a sheet cake and all the icing has jumped ship.

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7. Naked Cake

Apparently one person can take directions and write them down, but others aren’t able to actually carry them out.

8. Inadvertent Insult

A simple spelling error or miscommunication can lead to an insult or, worse yet, a threat. Yikes.

9. Ridiculously Racy

I mean, really?

10. Unrecognizable Character

When you ask for Mickey or Cinderella, you expect they at least bear a vague resemblance.